Training & Consultancy Services

Training & Consultancy Services

GIALS will help organisations and Governments to achieve their goals through needs analysis and appropriate training.

Consultancy Services

We offer:

  • Design and delivery of agreed training programmes to meet organisational objectives.
  • Design and execution of commissioned research.

Law Reform

GIALS will offer advice to Law Reform Commissions, particularly in developing countries or assist governments to set these up.

  • We will act as a resource body to governments on an advisory basis
  • We will function and interact pro-actively as an integral part of the work of Law Reform Commissions

In particular GIALS will:

  • Assist Law Reform Commissions in their law reform activities
  • Assist and advise on identification of resource people and in building up of the local reference base
  • Assist with planning and research.

GIALS will also, of its own initiative, pursue an agenda to formulate proposals for law reform to be considered by Law Reform Commissions.

Technical Advice and Assistance

We offer technical advice and assistance and research focussing on:

  • Specialist training in Employment and Business law
  • ADR and Mediation Services
  • Intellectual property and international e-commerce
  • Health Care Law and Clinical Negligence
  • Insurance law and Regulation (Including Marine Insurance)
  • Corporate law, with emphasis on mergers and acquisitions
  • International Business Transactions
  • International Revenue law
  • Competition Law
  • Money laundering
  • Legal and regulatory reform
  • Education Law reform
  • Governance, Security and Justice
  • International Trade Law & Banking
  • Constitutional Law
  • Terrorism Law
  • Admiralty Laws


We offer Legislative and Contract Drafting as a course of study. This covers both theoretical underpinning of the subject but also the practical application of skills to draft clear, effective and enforceable contracts and legislation. GIALS also drafts legislation for institutions and governments.

Courses offered include:

  • Certificate in Legislative Drafting
  • Workshops on Legislative Drafting (designed for officials in State Departments)
  • Postgraduate Diploma and a Master of Laws

Prosecuting Skills Development

Newly appointed prosecutors and presiding officials often lack vital skills. This lack of skills is not in the best interest of proper administration of a court system. We offer training programmes aimed at supplying prosecutors, or paralegals assisting prosecuting officials, with the necessary practical skills and knowledge to plan and conduct a criminal prosecution effectively. Though aimed primarily at newly appointed or inexperienced prosecutors, experienced prosecutors will also benefit greatly from the programme, as it will serve as an update or refresher course.

Learners will acquire skills in a ‘hands-on’ fashion, as the entire programme is learner co-operative and extremely practical.

Courses offered include:

  • Certificate in Prosecuting Skills
  • Workshops in Prosecuting Skills

Adjudicating & Judicial Skills Development

We conduct training workshops on Adjudicating Skills for Presiding Court Officials. The objects of the programme are to:

  • Help produce and support an impartial, competent and efficient judiciary
  • Acquaint judges and magistrates with the international human rights norms and developments in the law
  • Equip judges and magistrates with tools for judicial efficiency and court room management

Topics to be covered include:

  • Judicial reasoning and discretion
  • Judicial independence, impartiality and accountability
  • Judicial Ethics and Judicial Conduct
  • Judicial Sensitivity Training in Contemporary Social Issues
  • Gender, Ethnic and other disadvantaged groups – ‘sensitivity training’
  • Media-Bench relations
  • Alternative and Jural-like Dispute Settlement
  • New developments in statutory and case laws/common law
  • International Human Rights Norms
  • Economic and Social Impact of Judicial Decisions

Child Witness Research Skills Development

We do research and training in this specialised field. We provide modular courses for presiding officers, prosecutors, forensic, social workers, police, medical professionals and other relevant role-players involved with child witness cases.