Introducing GIALS

Introducing GIALS

The Ghana Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (GIALS) was established in 2006 with the express purpose of furthering human development by widening access to quality legal education, training and research and through capacity building programmes.

All the Institute staff have proven experience of working in academia and management at national and international levels.

The establishment of GIALS is motivated by the belief in the importance of having a legal think-tank and research facility whose functions would include engaging civil society and national institutions in legal policy dialogue as well as the needed research support for legislative advocacy and law reform in Ghana.

At the institutional level our programmes are designed to encourage efficiency, good governance and best practice.

We endeavour to bring talented people of all cultures together in order to explore new frontiers of knowledge and to assist development. We work in partnership with universities, business organisations, governments and individuals worldwide.

Those who share in the mission of GIALS are encouraged to join. Such individuals will be counted upon to provide intellectual and institutional inspiration and creativity. To those who think they can benefit educationally and professionally by associating with GIALS, we extend a very cordial welcome.

Professor Stephen Offei

Director, GIALS